2017 will be the EBN Open year

Over the past 35 years, EBN has gained a high-level reputation thanks to the EU|BIC Quality System implemented to certify incubators that deliver good results with high impact. EBN is very proud of this certification and benchmarking model. As Mr Mikel Landabaso, Director at DG COMM mentioned at the our new year reception in January, EBN has proved to be the right network to improve collaboration with territories.

Furthermore, EBN has shown to be the right partner when it comes to participating in European Projects. 2017 will show the focus on the EU|BICs’ core business, from internationalisation (CEBRABIC, NearUS, Incobra, ERICENA), to social innovation (SCHIP) and supporting startups on early stage investment (ESIL). Mrs Kristin Schreiber, Director at DG Grow, introduced during the evening the new opportunities to get finance for startups, as well opening the door to further feedback on how to improve the collaboration within the ecosystem.

EBN is positioned in Brussels as the innovation network. EBN sees good innovation creates high quality jobs using high quality skilled people to deliver real added value. Innovation is not in contradiction to “Social Europe” as someone would have thought. True innovation is about turning ideas into economic wealth and high quality, sustainable jobs. EU|BICs provide a great value in this respect.

EU BIC Report

EU|BICs support the creation of healthy jobs. In the EU|BIC 2016 Impact Report the survival rate of startups created within a EU|BIC is 90% during the incubation period and up to 87% after the incubation period (3 years). Significantly better than typical rates of startups in general.

As mentioned by Landabaso, the European Court of Auditors in its special report of 2014 stated the EU|BICs (certified incubators) were an efficient tool for job creation. On page 15 of the report, the EU|BICs are compared with ERDF-funded incubators, showing a better rate for new jobs created thanks to the support of the EU|BIC model and quality service provision.

The list of best examples within EBN would be endless. Just to show some of them:

EBN, always through the great job performed by its members, is supporting job creation and development of startups. Taking part in EBN events, thanks to the networking done in Brussels and abroad, startups supported by EU|BICs have had the opportunity to show what they do for the world. Taking part in the Brussels Startups Day last year brought together Belgian entrepreneurs to present their ideas to large corporates such as SAP, via EBN’s Open Innovation Service.

In EBN, our aim is to find and certify the best business support organisations and incubators that help new entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to make the changes that the world needs today.

If you have an idea, and do not know how to develop it further, check the list of members, you should always find one close to you. And if you don’t let us know and we will try to identify a good support structure in your territory.

If you are a support organisation, and want to know how you could better help your companies, take part in the benchmarking of your organisation with other accredited incubators, join EBN and we will help you. In Belgium or abroad we are here to guide you.


One of the examples that EBN can offer to Brussels based SMEs:

Responsible Nanotech Breakfast – 1st March 2017 from 08:30 to 10:00 at EBN’s offices (Ave de Tervuren 168)

This event is a great opportunity to meet Belgian stakeholders of the nanotechnology sector around the question of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). Around a coffee (there will be tea as well, no worry) we will discuss the needs and benefits of responsible innovation, the changes of practices it calls for and the vision for the future of research it is supporting.

The Responsible Nanotech Breakfast is an initiative of COMPASS project, which aims to help European SMEs in the health, cyber security and nanotechnology sectors to manage.

Fore more information: www.ebn.eu