3 EU debates: Climate change, Big data & Plastics by the BE Press Club – Register now!

There is no other capital in Europe where voting for the European elections is as meaningful as it is in Brussels. So Brussels Express is launching The Express Debates, a series of three informal, informative and interactive debates ahead of the European elections.

Express Debates
Photo by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash


To engage with our readers, we launched an online survey and put 13 topics to the vote, with issues as diverse as enlargement, regional policy, research etc…, and the top 3 selected topics were: plastics, big data & artificial intelligence, and climate change.

With the accumulated knowledge of minds and organisations that are stakeholders in the process of EU decision-making, Brussels is not only the capital of Europe, it is inside Europe. For each of the debates we have invited insiders from the field of European affairs (civil society, trade associations, companies, stakeholder groups, think-tanks, academics etc…) as well as representatives of Belgian organisations.

Full speaker line-up to be announced soon! Stay tuned!

The debates will be moderated by Jean-Paul Judson, Managing Director of NowMore and Moderator at Brussels Express. They will all take place at the Press Club Brussels Europe on Rue Froissart.

Register now to secure your place:

29th of April, from 6pm to 9pm: Express Debate #1: Do we love plastic so much?



06th of May, from 6pm to 9pm: Express Debate #2: Big Data & Artificial Intelligence: who’s in control?

Artificial Intelligence


13th of May, from 6pm to 9pm: Express Debate #3: Is there a wind of change for climate policy?

climate change


After a round of discussion with the panel, the debate will be open to the audience and there will be plenty of opportunities to exchange ideas and raise thoughts and questions.

We look forward to debating with you!