Brussels’s Little Italy: Part VI – Nona, the new pizza place in Brussels

I was on my way to another restaurant, when I passed by Nona, a new Pizza place serving Neapolitan Pizza in a simple but nice ambience focusing on a few, but good ingredients.

When you walk down rue St Catherine, you can’t really miss this place that’s located to your right side when heading towards place St Catherine. Big windows, a nicely lit outside space with seating and the most important thing: the big stone oven. ‘Cause wood fired, that’s how the Pizza should be prepared, according to the Nona-crew.

The Pizza here is classic Neapolitan, with few toppings, but all fresh and tasteful, a lot of tomato sauce and that perfect crust.  Their dough rests for 24h after being prepared, to give you that perfect taste. The interior is very light, simple grey floor, big white round lamps lighting the spacious room. A nice marbled bar, dark brown tables and chairs and at the other end of the big room, there is the graphite coloured stone oven and next to it ham and salami hanging from the ceiling.

The staff here is nice, attentive and fast and the food arrives quite fast, too. Good news for the indecisive in-between you: there are ‘only’ seven different pizzas. I chose the Bufala Motza-Bella, with (surprise, surprise) Mozzarella di Bufala on top and fresh basil leaves. The Mozzarella had a slightly, but only slightly too chewy consistency for my taste, but this is the only remark I want to make.

I think this place is perfect for a dinner with friends. They also sell nice local beers, so it’s a perfect spot to start a Friday night.


Price: 7-14€ for a Pizza, 3.5€ for a beer

Good to know: Rue St Catherine 17-19,