In 2019 net salaries in Belgium will increase

Net wages will increase as of 1st of January following the entry into force of the last part of the tax shift. According to the calculations of the Minister of Finance, they will grow from 23 to 31 euros on average, depending on the gross salary.

The tax shift was introduced by the first Charles Michel government in order to increase, in several phases spread over the years 2016 to 2019, the net income for the workers and hence their purchasing power, as well as to favor the creation of jobs by lowering social contributions. A first part of the tax shift was felt in early 2016, then in early 2018 and finally on January 1st, 2019.


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The non-taxable salary has been revised upward and will now be uniform for all taxpayers (or 8,680 euros). In addition, the 40% tax bracket has been expanded. In other words, a greater part of the income (from 8,120 to 14,330 Euros against 13,940 Euros previously) is imposed at 40%.

On average, the net salary will increase by almost 27 euros. According to the calculations of the Finance Minister, Alexander De Croo (Open VLD), a person with a minimum wage of 1,500 euros gross will see a pay increase of 31 euros while a worker with a salary of 2,100 euros gross receive an increase 25 euros compared to 2018.

For someone earning around 3,000 euros gross, compensation will be increased by 23 euros while a person with a gross salary of 4,500 euros will earn 29 euros more. Finally, a person with a salary of more than 5,500 euros will receive an increase of 30 euros.