Video: a police car spotted in Dilbeek performing playful drills in the snow

Police officers in Dilbeek thought that perhaps they were alone on Tuesday, January 22nd when the first sign of snow arrived to the capital and decided to perform some drills in the snow.

No luck for them: their session of drills in the snow was filmed by a user who posted the video on Facebook.

Politie Dilbeek, ist plezant jongens? 😂😂😂 busted!!!

Publiée par Annelies Dedobbeleer sur Mardi 22 janvier 2019


Since the video was posted on the social network, it has been watched more than 400,000 times in 19 hours.

An internal investigation was opened to understand the reasons for these maneuvers. The Dilbeek police even ensure that “appropriate measures” could be taken “if deemed necessary”