City 2 is gradually emptying its shops

Works at Place Rogier. That’s nothing new. However, this time, it will be the turn of the famous City 2 mall to be affected with noise and dust. Several shops have already left the galleries of City 2, located at the end of Rue Neuve, on Place Rogier.

The cause of these departures? The shopkeepers say it is the works. “They do not announce anything good for us. The impact will be too high to stay here!” said one of the shopkeepers. The works will start in September 2017 and all the floors will be affected.

There is a rumor among the shopkeepers that the City 2 will be resembling to the Docks Bruxsel, the shopping mall located along the canal at the Van Praet bridge on the banks of Laeken.

City 2
How the City2 will look like

Some key stores such as Fnac and Carrefour will remain open during the construction works, until at least 2019.

Inside of City2
Inside of City2