Uccle to impose sanctions on electric-scooters’ users and operators

Brussels Mobility writes: “The floor covering guides the visually impaired and helps them to move around the streets. Leaving a scooter / bike can be dangerous. Be sure to park your 2 wheels in a place that does not interfere with other users and always leave a passage of 1.50 m minimum” .

According to the Brussels-Mobility there are more than 4800 electric scooters in the streets of Brussels. The presence of these shared-scooters has created complications for the traffic in the city in general. But it has also raised some safety issues.

The municipality of Uccle has taken measures to regulate the operation of these services. They have even sent a notice to Lime company.

If scooters are found parked covering the signs for the visually impaired on the streets,  the company will receive administrative penalties.