Users of Lime’s electric scooters invited to sign a “Charter of Good Conduct”

The shared electric scooter company, Lime, is launching a campaign called “Respect the Ride”, which aims to make its users aware of the importance of “respectful” scooter driving.

Lime has more than 100,000 users in the Belgian capital who, collectively, have clocked up more 500,000 individual trips. But the un-civic behaviour of some of its users – for instance, the driving of its scooters on pavements – has provoked a fierce debate between supporters and detractors of Lime’s business framework and indeed scooter use more generally.


“In order to promote the rules of conduct and safety among members of the Lime community and future users, the company is organizing a meeting on Saturday, April 27 at Place Flagey in Ixelles from 4 pm,” the company accounced in a statement. “Users will be made aware of the proper use of electric scooters and will be invited to sign a ‘Charter of Good Conduct’, which contains six key principles to follow in order to travel safely. Moreover, in order to encourage road safety Lime will also be distributing 750 free helmets.”