Unemployment rate in Brussels the lowest since 1992

At the end of December 2018, the unemployment rate for the Brussels-Capital Region was 15.7%, with a total of 88,317 job seekers. The unemployment was lower only back in December 1992, at 15.1%, reports Actiris.

The month of December also marked the 50th consecutive monthly decline for unemployment in general, and 67th for unemployment of those under-25. The 50th consecutive monthly fall in unemployment corresponds to a decrease of 2,774 people compared to 2017 (-3%) and 8,419 people compared to 2016 (-8,7%).

The unemployment rate for people under-25 in December was 23.2% with 8,893 job seekers. Since 2014, the number has dropped by 30.8% (-3,956).

During the month of December 2018, Actiris received a total of 14,757 job vacancies.


From: Rawpixel – Unsplash


In Flanders, the unemployment rate fell by almost 8%, according to the figures released by the Flemish Minister of Employment, Philippe Muyters. The Region had 186,807 job seekers at the end of the month, 7.9% less than last year. The unemployment rate was 6.1%.