Utrecht is the new Amsterdam

Even if tulips aren’t native to the Netherlands, this wonderful country has a lot more to show off about.

The Netherlands can be proud, for instance, of being home to more bikes than people, or for being the lowest country in Europe.  60% of its population lives 5 meters below sea level. Also, why not, of having the tallest man in the world or being the first country to legalize gay marriage. But if something is really worth highlighting in The Netherlands it is the magical atmosphere created around their canals, and not only Amsterdam takes center stage, Utrecht also plays its part.

As the veins of this city, the canals nourish the heart of Utrecht, well known for its students population, coffee shops, wonderful restaurants and sure, its booming nightlife.


So would it be possible to enjoy said nightlife via Utrecht’s canals? Whilst shaking our bodies at the same time?

Marc Yes it is, and I’m totally in! Even if it seems crazy, it’s possible without having a drink in hand. I’m talking about doing a canoe tour along the Utrecht roots and it’s so beyond belief. This unique plan under the moonlight (only enjoyable if you travel to the city from May to October), brings you to secret corners and gives you another perspective of the city, as I said, from the inside. Delight in the colors, its lights, its history… and appreciate the beauty of nature present in the city center. Along the way you can also stop for a break in a pub with a well-deserved Trappist beer. This adventure normally lasts around 3 hours; time enough to absorb all the beauty of your surroundings. But take note! Even in the driest month of May, don not forget to bring thick jackets, the sun can be out there but the cold goes along with it the whole year. As for any other time of year remember: Lightweights with rainwear for summer, waterproof and warmer clothing for winter. An umbrella and a sweater are necessary almost any time of year.

And now you are prepared for any weather eventuality, it’s time to lose yourself in the canals of time. Immerse yourself. Be part of it.

Travel with it.