Uzbeks believe in family first policy

Uzbekistan is the most populous country in Central Asia – the region which lies in the heart of the ancient Great Silk Road. Uzbeks have their rich history, culture, arts, literature. But one of the most striking qualities of this nation is the way they cherish their family, women, and children. They believe that the family is the basis of society which keeps it strong. Therefore, they put their family first. And history shows that this is not a bad idea indeed.   

Uzbekistan declared the preservation of the family institute as one of its priorities and has invested a lot of money and efforts to create the most favorable conditions so that mothers give birth and raise a healthy and happy generation. To this end, a number of state programs have been implemented in the country in recent years, which were aimed at improving medical services for the population and specifically women and children. 

In addition, lately, the improvement of the system of preschool education has been put at the top of the agenda by the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev. And it is quite logical since Uzbekistan is a very young country in terms of age of the population with 2.45 million children of preschool age. It is planned that in 2017-2021 country will implement a special state program for construction and reconstruction of kindergartens. Вy 2018 alone, the country will invest nearly $100 million for reconstruction of 427 kindergartens.

The state is taking care of women who need social protection and psychological support, as well. And the State Women’s Committee, whose chairperson is, by the way, the Deputy Prime Minister of the government in charge of women’s affairs, has been a focal agency to coordinate nationwide programs in this regard. 

Besides, the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev has been championing the further enhancement of state’s efforts to protect women’s rights and provide them with additional opportunities for realizing their potential. 

For instance, the latest Presidential decree mandated the establishment of “Oila” (Family) Scientific and Practical Research Center under the Cabinet of Ministers. Thereby, the country now has an independent think-tank which will conduct research to identify and address women’s problems, provide support to women and families on the ground.  

To be more specific, in 2017 alone, family and marriage-related consultations were provided to over 5 million families on various issues, which allowed preventing 22,000 divorces, employing 36,000 women and allocation of preferential loans to 14,500 people.

It is also noteworthy that women make up 45.5% of all employed persons in the country and 34% of managers of private companies. Besides, there are 500 doctors of sciences and academicians, 15 Heroes of Uzbekistan, 17 senators and 16 members of the Lower house of the Parliament in Uzbekistan now. 

The government and people in Uzbekistan well understand that in times of globalization and mutual penetration of cultures, the preservation of national cultural and moral values is of paramount importance. And the family is the central pillar around which this process should take place. 

With this in mind, the country is now drafting a Concept of Strengthening the Family Institute, which will identify key directions and priorities for all stakeholders in the course of making the family a primary cell of society to preserve and promote centuries-old traditions, customs, values and moral of the Uzbek people.