VIDEO – Ric Hochet comic book wall restored

The Ric Hochet comic book wall at the Rue de Bon Secours is completely restored, as part of the comic book wall renovation plan.

The fresco of Ric Hochet was inaugurated in 1995. However, due to time and vandalism, the wall had been damaged. The work of Tibet was therefore completely re-painted, as a priority within the renovation plan for the comic book walls. The aim of the City of Brussels is to renovate a dozen walls of the comic book route per year. Some will just be cleaned, others will be completely repainted.

Ric Hochet´s comic strip wall.

This is awesome! Get a look at the amazing Ric Hochet´s comic strip wall restauration by Urbana Asbl.Follow the trail and meet him and many other comic strip characters on almost 70 spots all around Brussels!

Publié par Brussels sur vendredi 19 Janvier 2018