Vox Populi: Ken Sweeney from Dublin, Ireland

1. What are your expectations/hopes from these elections?

I want these elections to be taken as seriously as local and national ones. It’s vital that people who can vote do vote as it will have a massive impact on our future if we end up with an imbalance in the Parliament. What we don’t want is apathy about voting or protest votes which are proving to be quiet dangerous when you look at the results of the Brexit referendum and the election of Donald Trump.


Ken Sweeney


2. Do you/people in your member state still have faith in the EU to deliver?

Yes we do and Ireland has the highest approval rate in the EU for membership which is currently at 92% according to a RedC poll conducted in late 2018. Right now, Ireland has the support of the EU with regards to the border issues but that support must remain firm as it not only proves to Ireland that size does not matter, it is also sending a signal to all the other states who in time may require similar support on local issues.,

3. Will you be voting? If so, who for (if you are willing to say)?

Yes of course. Not sure for who yet as all the candidates are not confirmed in my region but I will be watching carefully the actions of the EPP in relation to their ties with The Hungarian Fidez party. It’s important that voters across Europe know the relationship of this when it comes to who they are voting for regionally.



4. Tell us some very brief persona/biographical details about yourself?

Editor of Europa United which is a transnational non-profit media organisation based in Ireland. Europa United’s goal is help to encourage conversation and opinion at a civil society level on the Europe of today though our publications and work as well as providing a platform that supports aspiring writers.