After 8 months in a food tuck, Maison Antoine reopens with a brand new house

After 8 months in a food tuck, Maison Antoine reopens with a brand new house.

Launched in 1948 by Antoine Desmet and his wife when they became too tired of moving from one fair to another around Belgium, “La Friterie Antoine” has been gaining popularity every day. It started with reduced opening times (two hours in the morning and two in the evening) then the whole family (including their three children) where involved in working there for longer hours for most part of the day and a good amount of hours at night (closure was at midnight  but when the queues were too long to be exhausted in the short period of the “official” opening times they went on ….frying).

Now it is the third generation of the Desmets who are managing the “Friterie”. It will be them who will have to move from the old “Antoine” from the present “hut” into a building owned by the “Regie des Batiments”, the property office of the Etterbeek Municipality. For Etterbeek, “it will be a considerable improvement” they say at  the office of the Bourgmestre Vincent De Wolf .

After a 8 months in a “foodtruck”, they moved into the modern shop across the road where there will be also a roof to shield the queues from the rain. The friterie will then have a new look, more space around and even a special window where they can leave their request and take refuge in a bar waiting for their “frites” to be delivered…. sipping beer, of course.

Maison Antoine reopened today 🍟 Welcome back‼️

Publié par Brussels Express sur vendredi 15 décembre 2017