VUB builds dry room for the development and production of batteries for electric cars

Soon 800 km away with an electric car? That is what the MOBI research team at VUB is striving for by building a dry room for the development and production of batteries for electric cars.

For the development of batteries for electric vehicles, the MOBI research group of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel is investing in a high-tech pilot line for the production of new battery technologies. This pilot line will be equipped with an ultramodern dry room. The precise climate control (moisture content and temperature) of the dry room allows researchers to develop the next generation of batteries from innovative materials.

With the investment, MOBI wants to force groundbreaking developments in the capacity of the batteries in the short term. MOBI strives to increase the battery capacity so that longer distances can be driven with electric cars, up to even 800 km. Furthermore, the innovations must also reduce the battery costs so that the electric cars become cheap.

The project is under construction at the VUB campus in Etterbeek.

Prof. Joeri Van Mierlo, head of MOBI: “Our research within the Battery Innovation Center is constantly growing and has already provided excellent, expert knowledge. With the installation of the dry room and our expertise, it will be possible to realize further developments within the battery technology. ”