VUB to open new Master’s course in English to encourage students to “think differently”

The Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) will launch a new English-language Master’s degree course in October called “School of Thinking”. The course aims to get students to think in more creative, critical, collaborative and systematic ways in order to address contemporary problems.

The course is organised by the Centrum Leo Apostel (CLEA), an interdisciplinary and transfaculatory research centre created under the initiative of the Belgian philosopher Leo Apostel.



“We often talk about thinking ‘outside the box’, but the boxes remain very present in our minds and slow down free thinking without us being really aware of it. We want to provide methods that allow us to put aside preconceived ideas. To find creative solutions to complex problems, we must dare to cross the boundaries of frameworks and disciplines, while remaining critical enough to distinguish good ideas from bad,” explains Professor Francis Heylighe.

The new curriculum is expected to attract prospective entrepreneurs, business leaders, politicians, and consultants.