Weather to be a little cooler this Monday compared to the weekend

The weather today (Monday) in Belgium will be slightly cooler than it was over the weekend, with some parts of the country facing the possibility of brief showers, Belgium’s Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI) has announced.

The weather is likely to be quite cloudy during the first part of the day, with the possibility of some scattered showers occurring over the south of the country. Temperatures will not exceed 19° in the seaside and 24° in the Kempen and Gaume. The wind will be moderate, and will be coming in from the west and northwest.

During the night, cloud cover will vary across the country: heavier cloud cover is expected in the central and northern parts of the country. However, the weather should remain dry. The minimum temperature will be 9° in the Hautes Fagnes to 16° by the sea. The wind will be light and will be coming in from the north and northeast.

The rest of the week will be dry with occasional sunshine. Temperatures should remain around the low-to-mid twenties range.