XL 10 Miles, the new kid in town

Next September 10, a new urban run will be born in Ixelles. 3 000 runners are expected for this first edition.

This new urban run is organised by Golazo and under the initiative of Mrs. Bea Diallo, Ixelles Councillor  for Sports. The date, September 10, was not picked randomly. The event takes place exactly three weeks before the Brussels Marathon & Half Marathon.

Ixelles has more than 85 000 inhabitants. We do have the human capital for this race. We are delighted to be able to add the XL 10 Miles to our wide portfolio of running events.” stated Greg Broekmans from Golazo Sports.

The departure and arrival venues are still secrets to be unveiled. Nevertheless, we do know that the route shows a great landscape mixed with highlights like Flagey, the Communal House, the Etangs and Museum of Ixelles, the European Parliament, Matongé, the Abbey de la Cambre and Place Luxembourg.

Ixelles – Elsene 10.09.2017

Publié par XL 10 Miles sur lundi 10 juillet 2017


“Running is definitely a growing success in our commune and it attracts citizens from all ages and physical conditions. The commune of Ixelles is extremely rich in its mix, both on social and cultural aspects. We do need a great pedestrian race in our commune” stated Bea Diallo, Ixelles Councillor for Sports. This gap is on the way to being filled.

How to register?

Good news, registrations are still open to the public.

  • Individual registrations are accepted until September 9, 23:59.
  • Group registrations are accepted until August 28, 23:59.
  • Individual registrations are also accepted on September 10. However the fee will be higher.
  • XL 10 Miles has two other formats : the XL5 Miles (for beginners) and the Kids Run – XL 1 Mile.