Theatre Time

What to do at the end of the week? If you are looking for a familial activity, Festival Théâtres Nomades seems to be the perfect activity for everyone. From the 17th to the 20th of August, the Brussels’ Park is hosting the 11th edition of this festival.

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For 4 days, the park will be transformed into a real nomad village, where you can find many sorts of street arts, circus companies and art performances.

Good point: the festival is free of charge. You will be asked to leave a couple of coins on the voluntary basis if you find the shows exciting. But there is no obligation, as the Festival Théâtres Nomades aims to make street arts as accessible as possible. If you are interested in the event, check on the website about the different shows. As some of them are quite famous, you might be required to book in advance. Let’s enjoy theatre!