2017 International Beer Day in Brussels

“He was a wise man who invented beer” said Plato.
For some, beer and God are the same.

August 4, is known as the International Beer Day. A global celebration of beer, taking place in pubs, breweries, and backyards all over the world. It’s a day for beer lovers everywhere to raise a toast to our brewers and bartenders and rejoice in the greatness of beer!

Some importants facts about this day:

  • International Beer Day takes place annually on the first Friday in August
  • First celebrated in August 2008
  • August was chosen for its summer weather and distance from other beer celebrations
  • Celebrated in over 200 cities globally

The purpose of this Day is:

  • To gather with friends and enjoy the deliciousness that is beer.
  • To celebrate the dedicated men and women who brew and serve our beer.
  • To bring the world together by celebrating the beers of all nations and cultures on this one remarkable day.

2017 celebration in Brussels

This we year we recommend the bar Brewdog for IBD celebrations. 

Housed in the original 1950s headquarters of the former national Belgian airline Sabena, it has a large terrace with views across the central city skyline to the Hotel de Ville – perfect for admiring a summer sunset. The design and layout of the bar take advantage of the curved steel staircase and high ceilings of the original period architecture to create a venue that is stylish, modern, open and friendly. It is comfortably laid out; this is where the airline’s VIPs used to wait before catching a train to the airport. There are private rooms to book for functions and the upstairs lounge can also be reserved for larger parties.

The bar has a range of more than 20 different beers on tap, both from Brewdog’s own range of signature beers, such as Punk IPA and Dead Pony Club, and guest draught beers from smaller breweries including many Belgian masterpieces. The bar also sells an incredible range of bottled artisan beers, and serves good quality unpretentious food and snacks to match the flavours of the many beers on offer; I can recommend the “Brewdog BXL Burger” which uses beef prepared with “Jack Hammer” beer.

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