Fight the hangover with some tasty, tasty remedies

Summer calls for parties, fun and friends, and more often than we should, we spend the nights drinking and feasting around. Of course, the following day is tragically painful: nausea, headache, upset stomach and fatigue won’t let us for the rest of the day (or, for the less trained, week). The most known remedies suggest lots of water and sugary beverages, to integrate the liquids lost, and healthy food rich in vitamins, to get some energy for the rest of the day. Nonetheless, there are some old home remedies, less conventional, but more comforting, that could be helpful the next time you decide to go for that extra drink. Here we go!

1. Big, greasy breakfast

When you can’t sleep the hangover off, seize the morning and go out. After a brief walk to get some fresh air and properly wake up, head to one of the following places for a nice, greasy breakfast or brunch. There is something deeply comforting in a plump bagel, a fresh milkshake or sweets, that puts things back into perspective and helps you go back on track. The first spot to check out, for those with a sweet tooth, is Coco Donuts, in Sablon. The donuts are freshly made every morning, with organic and/or local ingredients; they want to offer a different idea of the American sweet, providing quality and a fair price. You can chose from a pretty consistent and rich list of options and even create your own box for take away, to enjoy them even at home. The second spot is Jat’ Café, behind Place Royale. On the weekends, the bar offers an amazing brunch, with several different options and a quite good price (around 15€). The space is nice and welcoming, ideal for a brunch, but don’t go there too late: around 14:00 it tends to be more crowded and noisy!

Yes we are open EVERY SUNDAY! Pic by @louiseee_desmet 🍩😘

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2.Tasty lunch

If breakfast is not your thing and you aim to a chill lunch with your friends, here is a nice option. Take the English way and fight the hangover with great fish and chips at Bia Mara, in the city centre. The restaurant uses fresh fish responsibly sourced, diversifying its menu and impacting less on the environment. All the dishes are incredibly tasty: the herbs, sauces and sides used complement well the taste of the fish and chips and offer you a unique experience. Not a fan of fish, but still craving something fried? Check out their chicken or the vegetarian option! And if you fancy a sweet treat after that, head to Pek 47, a bar right next to Bia Mara. Eclectic, energic and rich in choice, Peck 47 is the ideal place for a coffee and sweet, as well as a satisfying brunch. Don’t miss their smoothies and their amazing sandwiches!


3.Granny’s remedy: more alcohol

Some people say that the only way to win the hangover is… to keep drinking. It’s a tough choice, not always suitable and not for everyone, but if you feel like trying the method out, here are some ideas. Flagey is a great square, but Belga is not always its main attraction: if you haven’t checked the bars behind it yet, in Rue du Belvédère, go try them out, in particular Murmure and L’amère à boire. The first one is a friendly and cozy pub with a good choice of Belgian and international beers. It’s the ideal for lazy afternoons or evenings, in which you just want to drink a beer and catch up with your friends. The music is always nice and every once and then it hosts game nights. L’amère a boire is a bar down the same street, with a vast, amazing choice of beer. All the beers available are listed on the walls of the bar, with the alcoholic percentage and their region of origin. The characteristic of this bar is the unusual, but quite curious, decorations and the laid-off and alternative atmosphere. It often hosts live music and shows and it’s definitively a nice place to recover from your hangover.

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