3rd edition of HUNGAstRY Festival at Parc du Cinquantenaire

A weekend of festivities where visitors can get acquainted with Hungarian gastronomy, arts, handicrafts and souvenirs.

In addition to all that, full-day interactive programs will be held indoors and outdoors, such as Rubik’s Cube competition, exhibitions, animated film and cartoon projections, a parade of giant puppets, an adventure game, as well as interesting art and culinary workshops.

hungarian food


At the Game Corner, people may try the famous Button Football of the old days, make an attempt to solve the Rubik’s Cube, compete and win prizes. Children will be entertained all day at the Kids Corner, while parents enjoy the concerts and culinary delights.


Among many others, the famous BM Duna Dance Ensemble (formed in 1957) will present crown jewels of Hungarian folk dance culture. Pankastic’s django-pop music will combine the sounds of golden era jazz with the authenticity of modern pop and world music. Szabolcs RÓKA, famous musician, actor, stage director will engage in magical and interactive storytelling for kids. Inversedance, a contemporary dance group will give us “The enchanted book“, about the adventures of a cheeky, little boy.

Hungastry 2018

Indigó, an art-pop ensemble, will take us on an exciting musical voyage born from the union of progressive jazz and electro.

The aim of the main organizers (the Permanent Representation of Hungary to the EU and the Cultural Service of the Embassy of Hungary in Brussels) is to allow the public to get to know Hungary through its beautiful and diverse culture, gastronomy and history.

Hungarian festival

Showing multiple faces of the country by bringing a colorful program will allow people to know more about the country, as well as getting spending time close to one another.

In the Brussels’ environment of EU policy making, the HUNGastRY festival will take place in a beautiful, historical location. It will bring a moment of relaxation and fun to everyone who joins in.

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