70 restaurants with the Good Food Resto in Brussels

The Good Food Resto Label  started with the objective to support and guide restaurants that are involved in a sustainable approach. It responds to a request from the inhabitants of Brussels who wish to distinguish the sustainable restaurants of the capital. Coordinated by Bruxelles Environnement, the awarding of the label has a non-commercial purpose.

Good Food restaurants prioritize local and seasonal ingredients, offer delicious vegetarian alternatives and take care to reduce food waste.

The list of labeled restaurants now has 17 additional members: Bread & Bento , Café abc , Café De Markten , Chabrol , Le Dillens , Elan , Love Ciabatta , La Luck , Le Millefeuille , Nic-nac , Picpoul , Pois Chiche , Poppins , Le Roy from Spain , The Sister Brussels Café , Taverne ter Linden and Walvis have all just obtained the Good Food Resto label. Among these, there are cozy bistros, wine or cocktail bars, social economy restaurants, but also a literary café or even a fun brasserie …

In total there are now 70 restaurants that have the Good Food Resto label in the Brussels Region.



The Brussels Good Food Strategy has a double ambition:

  • Better produce” , that is to say, locally growing and processing healthy and environmentally friendly foods;
  • Eat well” or make a tasty and balanced diet accessible to all, made up of a maximum of local products.

The restaurants listed on the directory are labeled Good Food and meet defined criteria , supported by evidence and verified by an external auditor.