Delegate from Belgium taking part at the US Democratic National Convention

Next week sees the start of the US Democratic Party’s 2020 National Convention, which runs from Aug 17-20. The Convention will officially choose former Vice-President Joe Biden as the nominee for President and California Senator Kamala Harris as the nominee for Vice-President. For the first time, one of the delegates participating in the Convention will be from Belgium.

Onélica Andrade, who has worked on climate change in Brussels since 2016, is one of 13 pledged delegates for Democrats Abroad, the official branch of the Party for the 9 million US citizens living outside the United States. Andrade was born in Venezuela, and moved to the US as a teenager.

“I am thrilled and honored to represent Democrats Abroad at the Convention. I ran to be a delegate because I want to do everything within my power to contribute to the election effort. The tolerant country that welcomed me and my family is at risk and I cannot sit idly by. I want to wake up on November 4th and feel that I have done my utmost to ensure a blue White House and Congress.”


Voices from our Community – Meet Your Convention Delegate, Onelica Andrade


This year’s Convention is a radically different event from those of years past. Typically a massive, week-long event with tens of thousands of Democrats flocking to a single city, the Convention was moved to a fully on-line event to protect the health and safety of the delegates and the surrounding community during the Covid-19 pandemic. Andrade and her fellow Delegates, who come from all over the world, from Kathmandu to Kigali, have already begun rallying together on Zoom calls, downloading ballots to vote on the Party Platform and for the Biden/Harris ticket.

“We’re very pleased to have someone from our small, yet active, chapter participate in the Convention for the very first time”, says Democrats Abroad Belgium Chair, Pauline Manos. Julia Bryan, Democrats Abroad Global Chair, adds, “Onélica is a member of the youngest, most diverse, delegation we have ever elected. Each member brings their own unique perspective to the table through their experiences in the US and abroad.” More details on the Convention and speakers are available here. Vice-President Biden and Senator Harris will address the Convention on August 20th (from 3-5am CET on August 21st).


About the Democratic National Convention

Taking place Aug 17-20, 2020 the 2020 Democratic National Convention will be a “Convention Across America” with virtual events and online engagement to engage Americans all over, while protecting the health and safety of delegates and the surrounding community. For more information: