A call for earlier elections could leave the country blocked for at least a year: Charles Michel

Prime Minister Charles Michel wants to avoid early federal elections. According to him, that could potentially leave the country blocked for a long time, since on May 26th the regional and European elections will be held anyway.

From a constitutional point of view, Mr. Michel believes that it is not necessary to dissolve the Houses following the resignation of the N-VA ministers. The current government will however no longer has the majority since it relies only on the seats of the MR, Open Vld and CD & V in the House, or 52 out of 150.



“The Constitution says that a majority in parliament can request elections. I want to talk to parliament. If there were to be early elections, if it had to be the choice to push the government to make early elections, that would be a situation that might well block the country for a year. It is unlikely that a government will be formed before voters voted a few months later at regional and European level,” said Michel.

For this reason, the prime minister “reaches out to parliament”, especially to vote on the decisions already taken in the government, starting with the budget. He’s waiting to see what attitude the N-VA will take.

“We need to see how the N-VA, which has supported the decisions in the government, will also support them in parliament, which would be a principle of accountability, consistent in the N-VA leadership”.

In response to public concerns about purchasing power and climate, the head of government is also waiting to see what the attitude of the opposition will be. “On these topics, it may be proposed to accentuate, strengthen certain initiatives,” he said.


Charles Michel


Upon his return from the Marrakech Conference, the Prime Minister will contact the various parliamentary groups. If the political climate between the N-VA and the CD & V and the Open Vld seems tense, it is however more serene between the N-VA and the MR.

On Saturday evening, the Prime Minister made sure to thank the N-VA ministers and secretaries of state for the “gigantic” work accomplished.

“The N-VA, having set aside community issues, has been a good partner for socio-economic and security reforms,” he said, emphasizing close relationship of trust with Deputy Prime Minister Jan Jambon.

Recently, the president of the MR, Olivier Chastel, expressed his favor for a renewal of the Swedish coalition. M. Michel avoided any prognosis for future alliances. “I stated four and a half years ago that I did not think it was possible to make a government with the N-VA. I was much criticized after doing a government with the N-VA. I learn from my experience and I will not comment on future coalitions,” he said.