A Vintage Paradise

If you have already spent some time in Brussels -especially some weekends- you may have noticed that the city offers a vast and rich choice of vintage shops.

The Marolles area, in particular, is full of nice stores, both old and recent, dedicated to items from different time periods. It is easy to walk around and shop for antique furniture, decorative objects, clothes or jewelry, finding old treasures from the past years. During weekends, it is even easier and more fun to look for vintage pieces, thanks to the Flea Market at Jeu de Balle or at Sablon: the two squares get filled up by stands and tents overflowing with surprises and unique items. Café Central too, in the heart of the city, hosts every Sunday a Vintage Market; the art nouveau building collects both private collectors and shop owners, who display the merchandise and introduce you to this alternative world. The Café also hosts artists and small producers, who sell their creations -either vintage inspired or in a more modern style- and fun shows and activities.

So, it could be said that Brussels has become a sort of vintage paradise for this trend’s enthusiasts and it always holds great surprises during these events. A very special one will take place at the end of September, on the 23rd and 24th: the Brussels Vintage Market at Brussels Design Market! This special market at Tour & Taxi, in the North of the city, is at its 24th edition and will be the ultimate event to attend if you’re a vintage lover. In fact, it will focus on items from the 20th century and it will pay a special attention to both fashion and design! More than 50 exhibitors specialized in the sector will team up for the event and set their stands at the venue. Design-addicted will find their happy place here, since they will be able to access a huge choice of Scandinavian, Belgian, French, Italian and American furniture, together with ceramic, glass, plastic, metal wood and bakelite objects.

This special, colossal market will be a great occasion for exploring the past and being inspired by it! Let the antique objects, clothes and vibes influence you and spark some new ideas in your mind!