Where to buy good cheese in Brussels?

I love cheese. It is one of the main reasons why I could never be vegan. Just the thought of living without cheese, or worse, with a substitute?! Some sources even claim that cheese contains morphine, the same substance in heroin. Well, if you’re going to need a license for cheese from now on, I’ll be the first applying!

The Germans always have it on their menu: morning, lunch, evening cheese sandwich, cheese sandwich, cheese sandwich. The French are less tolerant. Usually, if you present them a piece of cheese in the morning, you’ll get a rather indignant look. I’ve seen some Spaniards having it for breakfast, but I suppose there, and in other Southern countries, it’s an evening thing.

There are so many different varieties of cheese, that even sometimes I lose track of what exists out there. France has what, 1000 different ones? Apparently, the cheese country has around 400 different types, which when broken down into different varieties, it can go up to 1000. But whether Brie, Parmigiano, feta, Halloumi, Appenzeller, Gruyere or whatever type might come into your mind, almost every country has at least one speciality that is: cheese. Do you also know the Polish one; the one that’s first smoked and then fried and served with cranberries? – SO good.

Anyways, I want to guide you a bit through the selection there is in Brussels. There’s not much, but there are some nice spots, and once you know them, you’ll never want to buy supermarket cheese anymore! Trust me.

Cheeses at the shops below usually range between 3-10€, depending on what you’re getting.

Jean Bon

The nice little cheese shop selling Belgian and French cheeses, cured hams from Italy and other delicacies including French Cidre, has now expanded and has two places.

Bottega Bolognese

Recently opened, this little shop, located right next to Osteria Bolognese in Rue de la Paix, Ixelles, sells Italian cheeses, hams and salumi, all from the region Emilia Romagna in Italy. You can also stay for a bit longer and enjoy some of their food with a nice glass of Prosecco.


The shop has been running since 1951 and is selling all kinds of cheeses. There are also some pâtés, sausages and hams, the perfect place to prepare an aperitivo for friends.


A small selection of Belgian cheeses from different regions, with quite fair prices.

Saint Octave

This tiny shop has a lovely decoration, nice staff, amazing bread from Hoppla Geiss and aged cheeses that are even more addictive than cheese usually is.

Comptoir du Samson

A cheese shop and place to eat right at Place Flagey with a large selections of mostly French cheeses, so I love to go there to get my Brie de Meaux.

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