Elections 2018: Ixelles needs your participation

What can be done to ensure that more expats will cast a ballot on October 14, 2018? Communes have a large role to play. A study released by the Université Libre de Bruxelles shows that a higher number of expats voted in communes that were actively engaged in efforts to reach out to their foreign residents.

Expats can also do their part to foster inclusivity in the electoral process. Qualified voters can start enrolling in the electoral registers of their communes. EU citizens have to fill out a form to register, while non-EU citizens must complete a separate form. The deadline for registration is on July 31, 2018. Expats can also take part in activities and campaigns in preparation for the elections, such as the citizens’ seminar on October 26.

Half of Ixelles’ residents only have one chance to participate in Belgian elections: the elections for their commune!

  • Local elections directly affect your quality of life: your street, your neighborhood, your children and your experience at the commune.
  • Be heard! Non-Belgians could make up almost half of Ixelles’ voters if they registered.
  • Voter registration is simple! No need to pass by the commune. Download, sign and send the form and a copy of your ID by post to the commune.
  • Is voting obligatory? Not exactly! Non-Belgians can de-register before any election by sending a simple letter to the commune.