Arts for justice at the Tels Quels festival: discover more about the LGBT world

One of the tasks of art is presenting life and society under a different light, making us understand elements that may not be familiar to us. Films, expositions and theatre plays put new elements and topics in perspective, offering a different angle of observation and displaying information that we did not have before.

Tels Quels, a cultural association focused on raising awareness on the LGBT rights and community, decided to use art exactly for this purpose, presenting the topics of gender identity and sexual orientation in a different way. The organization, in fact, has created a festival throughout the month of October to enhance people’s knowledge on the LGBT community, encouraging people to discover more about it, to make questions and be curious.


The aim of the festival is not just to present the different minority groups (mainly gays, lesbians, trans and bi-people): it also invites the audience to reflect upon how society has been interacting with them in time. To do so, Tels Quels proposes a series of movies, expositions, theatre plays and events around Brussels and other Belgian cities. They will present the different shades and members of the LGBT community, focusing on their rights and history, as well as on broader sensitive topics such as prejudices, stereotypes, same-sex marriages, and raising kids.

The festival has been supported by several associations (LGBTQI and not), cultural centres, cinemas and theatres around Belgium, who want to fight against bias, prejudice, homophobia, transphobia and intolerance with culture. Join the Tels Quels festival and discover something new about the LGBT world.