As of November 19th all STIB users are required to scan their passes when they exit the Metro

In the past it was necessary for every STIB user to scan his/her Mobib card at the time of entering the metro. As of Monday, November 19th, it will required to scan at the exit as well.

“The first metro stations will be equipped next Monday, November 19th. Next week, seven network stations will require users to scan their Mobib card to be able to exit. The following week, eight more stations will activate the check-out. All subway stations will be equipped by the end of April at the latest,” says the STIB on its website.




On Monday, the metro stations Josephine Charlotte and Gribaumont will be activated. Next Tuesday, Tomberg and Vandervelde. The Roodebeek station will be activated next Wednesday, while Belgica and Stuyvenbergh will be activated on Thursday.

“These check-out mechanisms throughout the underground network will help us in the fight against fraud. For now, fraud represents a shortfall of several million euros each year, a budget that would allow us to further improve our service,” says the STIB. “Users have two hours after the first validation of their cards to leave the controlled area. ”

The activation of the scanning mechanism at the exit will be accompanied by an increased presence of field agents in the stations concerned.