Belgian Prime Minister presents his resignation to the King

Prime Minister Charles Michel announced on Tuesday December 18th that he would go to the King to submit the resignation of his government.

The head of the government called in the afternoon the Parliament to constitute a “coalition of good will” in order to continue the political work until the elections of May 26th. He proposed a “road map” based on three projects: purchasing power, security and climate.

While the Prime Minister made some openings on certain topics, the commitments seemed far too vague to the opposition. The Socialists were preparing to announce the tabling of a motion of mistrust, co-signed by the Greens, in order to give Michel 48 hours to clarify his intentions. However, they did not have the time. When the plenary resumed shortly before 8 pm, the Prime Minister asked the floor and announced that he was going to the King to submit the resignation of his government.

“I have expressed this call with deep sincerity and deep conviction in the interest of the citizens. I note that this appeal has not convinced, has not been heard, at this stage, in any case,” he said.



The Prime Minister’s appeal was also dependent on the orange-blue coalition. The president of the Open Vld recalled on Twitter the concern of the Liberals to complete the work undertaken by the former Swedish majority, especially about the budget and jobsdeal.


What lies ahead: Consultations on Wednesday

The Prime Minister visited the Kings Palace in Laeken on Tuesday evening at around 8 pm and left the palace grounds around 9 pm. The Royal Palace then reported that the King was holding “his decision” regarding the resignation of the government.

The King will host on Wednesday all the party leaders of the parties represented in the House for consultations.