Makeup artist to Queen Mathilde summoned to declare on theft of jewels belonging to the Ducal Family of Luxembourg

One of the suppliers to the Belgian Royal family, a famous makeup artist who counts Queen Mathilde among its customers, was arrested Monday in Schaerbeek, according to information unveiled by newspaper Het Nieuwsblad.

It was at the request of the Luxembourg authorities that the man was taken away to be questioned. The Luxembourg public prosecutor’s office has meanwhile confirmed that an investigation for theft has been opened and that a person has been questioned in Brussels.




Investigators from Luxembourg traveled to Brussels to question the suspect, as part of an investigation into a theft of jewelery. No evident damages were found after the robbery, which allowed the investigators to assume that a person close to the palace had committed or helped to commit the facts.

“The Luxembourg public prosecutor’s office confirms that a complaint was file on 22 June 2017 concerning the theft of several jewels and that a judicial investigation is in progress,” said the spokesperson of the Luxembourg Prosecutor General’s Office, Diane Klein.