Belgian State Council lifts the ban on the March Against Marrakesh

The State Council has suspended the ban of the demonstrations announced to happen on Sunday in Brussels by organizations both, for and against, the UN Migration Pact. This was communicated via the cabinets of the minister-president Brussels, Rudi Vervoort, and the Mayor of the City of Brussels, Philippe Close.

“Brussels-Capital Region Minister-President Rudi Vervoort has taken note of the ruling by the State Council suspending the ban on demonstrations scheduled for Sunday. In consultation with the mayor of the City of Brussels, Philippe Close, the security services were instructed to supervise these events,” reported both cabinets.

The leaders of the Brussels Region and the City of Brussels have also “invited the protesters to calm down”. They indicated that “they will not tolerate any overflow and that all measures will be taken by the police to ensure the maintenance of order in the territory of Brussels”.

Several associations of right-wing and extreme right Flemish as KVHV, NSV, Schild en Vrienden, Voorpost and Vlaams Belang Jongeren, which denounce the pact of the UN Pact on Migration — which was formally approved on Monday December 10th in Marrakech — had announced, at the beginning of week, their wish to protest on Sunday: “March against Marrakech”.


A counter-demonstration

Meanwhile, about forty organizations have planned to gather Sunday and show their opposition to the “March Against Marrakesh”.

A decree prohibiting any event on the entire regional territory was taken Wednesday by the Brussels minister-president Rudi Vervoort.

It is this decision that was suspended by the Council of State before which the organizers of the “March against Marrakech,” had introduced an emergency procedure on Friday.