Bpost withdraws 3,000 red mailboxes throughout Belgium

Bpost has decided to withdraw approximately one out of four red mailboxes throughout the upcoming months in Belgium. There are currently 13,000 thousand mailboxes and this number will go down to 10,000 during the upcoming months.

According to bpost, the number of letters put in the mailboxes has decreased by 60% since 2004. Bpost postmen collect only six letters a day in a quarter of them. Their decision to remove 3,000 mailboxes comes as a strategic move to adapt the network of red mailboxes to a changing customer behavior, which hadn’t been done since 2004.

It is worth mentioning that their service delivery and accessibility will remain the same, as clients in urban areas will have access to a red mailbox within 500 meters and in rural areas within 1,500 meters. In addition, they can always drop their mail at a post office or post office.

Meanwhile, people with reduced mobility will be able to give their letters to the postman.

According to bpost, with 10,000 red mailboxes the Belgian network will still remain one of the best covered in Europe.