Brussels Airport starts the year with a record number of passengers in January

In January Brussels Airport welcomed 1,621,319 passengers, up 5.7% in January 2017 and an all-time record for a month of January. The number of originating passengers has grown by 3.7% compared to January 2017 and there is a sharp rise of 16.0% in the number of transfer passengers.

This strong increase in the number of transfer passengers demonstrates the increasing importance of Brussels Airport as a hub within the network of Star Alliance and as transfer airport for Brussels Airlines and other partners in the network. Brussels Airport’s hub function guarantees the connectivity of our country with the rest of the world and the tourism into our country and ensures that the international economic activities of Belgian companies can continue to grow.

The strongest growth was achieved by Brussels Airlines, the European scheduled airlines, and long-haul flights. There is considerable growth in the long-haul sector, particularly for Emirates, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, Rwandair, Ethiopian Airlines and Hainan Airlines.