Brussels’ Beer Tasting Festival

As you may know if you have been living in Brussels for a while, Belgium is the country of beers.


There is absolutely no doubt about that and the Belgian beers hit the top of the World ranks. Many cities across the World host beer festivals, such as the Oktoberfest in Munich, and Brussels too obviously hosts a massive event dedicated to beers.

Are you a beer lover? Lucky you, the BXL Beer festival will be held in Tour and Taxis, a couple of metro stations away from the city centre from Saturday to Sunday (26-27 of August). More than 50 breweries from 10 countries will offer you the opportunity to taste 200 beers. The organisers have invited only independent breweries that produce craft beers, but of course you will be able to taste some of the Belgian beers as well. It is a good opportunity to have an insight into other beers and discover what foreign countries can offer.

The entrance costs €9, but you also can purchase a more expensive ticket with drinks included.