Brussels’ first ever Digital Spring welcomed some 5,000 visitors this weekend

Throughout the weekend, this huge new event showcased the Brussels-based stakeholders who are committed to developing digital creativity. A unique opportunity to introduce their innovative projects to the general public.

On the initiative of Brussels’ Minister-President, this weekend the Region hosted Brussels’ first ever Digital Spring. “This totally free event created a space for dialogue between the people of Brussels and the high tech world. Unusual activities were organised and all sorts of applications were trialled. My goal was to make artificial intelligence and digital developments accessible to as many people as possible, and I achieved that so I’m delighted. Thanks to this event, we were able to give everyone time to understand how it works, but also to ask questions about how we want it to fit in with our day-to-day lives.”


Inspired by Montreal’s example, the event was hosted by KANAL – Centre Pompidou. Lots of free, educational activities were put on. Brussels locals and visitors of all ages, from rookies to experts, had the chance to explore digital technology through exhibitions, augmented reality experiments, coding sessions and video game workshops. A truly immersive experience to get to grips with the different technologies and creations.

This first event of its kind was a huge success. The opening concert, combining artificial intelligence with classic music, quickly became fully booked. On Saturday and Sunday, enthusiastic visitors came with friends and family to enjoy the programme put on for Brussels’ first such event.


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