Brussels Museums Nocturnes IV

Brussels Museums Nocturnes is going on, slowly getting closer and closer to its last night. The even offers the unique opportunity of seeing some of the best Brussels museums by night! The event, at its 17th edition, will last until the 7th of December, counting around 68 museums, and offering a selection of around 5 of them every Thursday.

This week, not less than six venues will open their doors to welcome the visitors, giving a glimpse of Brussels’ incredible cultural heritage! The museums selected for this Thursday are: the ING Art Centre; the Grand Serment des Arbalétriers de Bruxelles; the Musée de BELvue; the Palais de Coudenberg; BOZAR and CINEMATEK.

The ING Art Centre hosts the first retrospective exhibition on Christo et Jeanne-Claude’s urban projects. The expo is for free and it focuses on the projects and on how they were perceived by the audience, displaying a number of films, documents and photography.

The Grand Serment des Arbalétriers de Bruxelles is dedicated to an ancient and famous weapon, the crossbow. The museum will focus on the history of the weapon, on its evolution through time and on the development of a gilde to it dedicated. It will display different types models of crossbows, some were given as present, some were built by experienced artisans.

The Musée de BELvue offers a tour of its permanent exposition on the history and culture of Belgium, a good option if you recently arrived and you are not too familiar with the environment.

The Palais de Coudenberg will host on Thursday Zinnechoeur, for a night dedicated to live music, rhythm, diversity and creativity.

BOZAR will open its doors to the EUROPALIA INDONESIA : «Ancestors & Rituals» exposition. The event will collect a number of archeological and ethnic treasures from Indonesia. A second exhibition, «Power and Other Things», is dedicated to contemporary artists and to their perception and representation of nowadays Indonesia.

CINEMATEK will welcome the visitors with a series of unique works of art on film, and with an exhibition dedicated to the development of television both by Grimonprez.