Extraordinary European meeting on 24 November 2017

On Friday 24 November 2017 an extra meeting of the Heads of state and Government of the European Union will be held in Brussels in the buildings of the Council of the European Union, at the Rue de la Loi. A safety zone will be set up. Only authorized persons can enter this zone on foot.

Limits of the safety zone?

The safety zone will be closed on 24 November 2017:

  • Traffic circle Schuman
  • Rue Froissart, between the Rue Juste Lipse and the Traffic circle Schuman
  • Rue de la Loi, between the Traffic circle Schuman and ‘Residence Palace’
  • Rue Juste Lipse

Safety Zone

Important remarks:

  • Deliveries will not be possible
  • Garbage bags are not allowed within the safety zone

Only vehicles of official delegations, vehicles authorized by the services of the Council of the European Union and the police will have access. Vehicles will only have access from the Avenue d’Auderghem.

Who can enter the safety zone?

Following people can enter the safety zone on foot, on the footpaths at the side of the buildings, not at the side of the Justus Lipsius building:

  • the local residents with their ID card
  • the employees and the shopkeepers with a police certificate delivered by the employer
  • every person with a pass

Where to obtain a ‘pass’ or certificate?

The demands can be downloaded at www.polbru.be/eurotop and must be sent electronically to the police station of the 5th division of the Police of Brussels Capital Ixelles, Boulevard Clovis 10 – 1000 Brussels – 02 279 85 35 or 02 279 85 36.

Local traffic

Some streets will get a local traffic regulation:

  • rue Archimède between the rue Stévin and the rond-point Schuman
  • avenue de Cortenberg, between the rue Stévin and the rond-point Schuman
  • rue de la Loi, between the avenue de la Joyeuse Entrée and the rond-point Schuman
  • avenue d’Auderghem, between the rue Belliard and the rond-point Schuman
  • rue Breydel

Parking will be forbidden

  • in the safety zone
  • in the streets with local traffic
  • Chaussée d’Etterbeek, between the Rue Belliard and the Rue Van Maerlant
  • Rue Van Maerlant
  • Rue Belliard, between the Chaussée d’Etterbeek and the Avenue d’Auderghem