Brussels solidarity for Peace

Peace, harmony, democracy, diversity, international co-operation, security are the fundamentals to make the world a planet for peace but this is not the simple way.

Recent years terrorism, atrocities and violence’s in all its forms  put this planet in danger and scared the lives of the citizens of the globe. Terrorists take the soft target with new, calculated forms of terrorism. Terrorists attack in Belgium, France, Germany and  in Europe, the African continent, South Asian countries as Bangladesh and India throw human civilization in dark middle age. This human catastrophe through the historical European values of peace, freedom and dignity in question what Europeans earned after second world war. Now the question is: Should we stand on our foot and stand with solidarity  to protect our families, women and children, ordinary citizens against these atrocities or do we wait until a next danger happens. Though several UN and European Parliament resolutions reiterate the strategy and action plan  to combat terrorism, the citizen’s voice must be raised to prevent future danger of human safety, security and liberty. Peaceful co-existence, living with harmony irrespective of gender, faith and cultural minority are the basic human rights for human survival in the world. We just can not let it go. “Terror does not have any faith or religion and needs to be removed” the world leaders say.

Bangladesh  suffered the wound of a bloody attack in Holy Artisan Restaurant in Dhaka last 1st July, 2016  by the fundamentalist brutal terror after Brussels Attack. 29 lives were lost. This brutal massacre was done by fundamentalist criminals with the same mindset of the perpetrators of Brussels and Paris attack. Bangladesh PM took immediate action against this barbaric attack and saved many hostages. Zero tolerance to the perpetrators, Bangladesh soil never be allowed to be used by these fundamentalists, PM Sheikh Hasina says who initiated world peace model  in UN General Assembly.

What to be done to prevent future atrocities? Terrorism is not a national issue, it touches and affects citizens around the world. This is an international crisis. A particular national strategy to combat terrorism is not enough, a global strategy, co-operation and action is essential to fight against this. How Bangladesh triest to tackle this terrorism with limited resources but with strong commitment to the citizens  can be a good reference to Europe and World nations. What is citizens hope and confidence on the state actions and commitment of international organization as UN and European Union for combating terrorism to save and protect the citizen’s life and liberty that is a big question. How do we need to act against terrorism? In fact, it is unlikely that any single country can tackle the evolving trends of international terrorism alone.

International cooperation is a must. A definition of terrorism and a consensus  to fight against is crucial which also disrupt terror financing and global terrorism. In the end of the day, peace we need to live and let live.