Tipping UBER drivers is now possible in Belgium

The ride-share service, Uber, announced on Thursday the added feature of tipping drivers.

Upon arrival at the destination, passengers will be able to tip as if in a taxi; being able to choose between several standard amounts of one, two or five euros, or by stipulating their own amount.

These tips can be made via the application and can be given as long as five days after the journey. Tipping will not incur additional charges for the passenger, and the driver receives the full gratuity. This feature will also be available for Uber Eats.

Uber has undertaken a reshuffle of its affairs since last November in an effort to simplify and improve the experience for Belgian drivers and passenger; these new measures were introduced after demands from its drivers, and the company has ensured consumers that these tips go solely to the drivers, with no commission taken by the company.

This move follows a string of recently added features such as charging users for keeping the Uber idle after an initial two-minute cancellation period and warnings for when the journey is estimated at 45 minutes or more. And even a chat feature within the application, to coordinate between driver and passenger.

The company states there are additional changes anticipated to the system within the coming months.