BSF 2018 doesn’t disappoint: crowds rush to the festival on the first day

The 17th edition of the Brussels Summer Festival (BSF) opened last night to great success, crowds filling the streets and gathering around the different stages.

This year, the festival is scheduled over 5 days, instead of 10, packing several concerts almost back to back. Motivated festival-goers didn’t want to miss out and could be seen in large numbers as of 18h.

The most popular days have been by far Thursday and Saturday, for which the One Day passes are almost all sold.

The Mont des Arts was filled from the first concert by Therapy Taxi, a band performing chanson française.

The group Soviet Suprem then took the stage by storm and drove the audience to near madness. Some 6,000 people attended these two concerts. The capacity of the Mont des Arts stage is 7,000 people.

The stage at La Madeleine, which has a capacity of 1,450 seats, was sold out for the Belgian group Sonnfjord.