Porte de Hal tunnel will be reopened to traffic on July 3

Although cars should have been able to use the Porte de Hal tunnel on June 28, the Brussels authorities decided to postpone the reopening to traffic to July, 3.

In case you didn’t notice what is going on in Porte de Hal, quick reminder: road works have been going on since February in order to modernise and renovate it. The tunnel will soon be equipped with highly modern security systems, such as smart cameras that are able to detect many issues that may arise on the road.

The view on Porte de Hal / Hallepoort. Photo by @bruxelles_par_eric_ostermann #welovebrussels #Brussels #Bruxelles #Brussel

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Everything was supposed to be fixed on June, 28 and the drivers should have been able to use it again to make their traditional daily journeys. However, the workers have discovered a few days ago some cracks on the roof of the metro infrastructure, and this is why the Brussels authorities decided to wait an additional week before opening it back to traffic. Brussels Minister Pascal Smet, in charge of public works, said that the situation was under control as there is no major issue, but still “works are needed”.
Although these works are of course not that popular among the public opinion, they will “bar problems in the future”, Pascal Smet added. These unexpected road works are taken very seriously by the administration and the stakeholders involved in this process. Up to 50 workers have therefore been being mobilised over the last days and they will keep on working by next week, as the works absolutely need to be over on July 15, when the Foire du Midi starts.
You will be able to drive again in Porte de Hal by next week, but the works will not be totally finished and the traffic will be limited. From July to April 2018, only one lane in each direction will actually be open to traffic. And from April 2018 to January 2019, the tunnel will be open only during the day, as road works will be held at night.