One day left to attend the Carnaval de Binche !

Binche is currently hosting one of the most typical carnivals in Belgium. It started yesterday, but you still can take a day off, jump on the train and go there for the last and most famous day: Tuesday.

The Binche carnival might be the oldest carnival across Belgium. Although its origins are quite unclear, there were already some processions at the end of the XIV century according to the historians. The event has been recognised “Masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity” by UNESCO in 2003


Thousands of people are used to rushing to this small city in the south of Wallonia for three days, to wear costumes, drink, party and sing. The Binche inhabitants actually say “There is no place like Binche in the World”.

The event started last Sunday with a carnival procession and Brussels Express was there. It is still ongoing today and tomorrow, which is the most traditional day. The Gilles, the Peasants, the Pierrots and the Arlequins will indeed start celebrating the carnival from the dawn, before performing all the rites. Be careful, oranges will be thrown in the heart of the city (fences have been set up on the windows to keep them intact.