Wake up, shake it up, go to work

That’s the Brussels Wake Up motto. Brussels Wake Up is a quarterly dance party that takes place in the wee hours of the morning. Every edition thus far has sold out. The last edition was held on the top floor of the Beursschouwburg, and this Friday’s edition takes place in the Historic La Bellone cultural center.

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What is BXL-WKP?

It’s one part yoga session, and one part healthy breakfast, and one part dance party. First fifty or so participants engage in a group yoga session. Live music is performed throughout. The mats are made available by the organisation, so all you gotta bring is some yoga clothes. Then Local food providers who sponsor the event provide breakfast, this is everything from fresh smoothies, to bagels from Ba Ba Bagelry, to refreshing iced teas from Sampa, and of course a big mountain of croissant. Then a DJ set takes place and it all devolves into a walking breakfast and dance party.

What’s more, the whole thing is organised by a group of locals and expats which ensures a healthy crowd of mixed and interesting individuals.

What’s the point?

For some it’s a fun way to start the weekend, for morning people it’s an excellent use of those early morning hours, and for party animals it’s an excuse to wake up and shake ass before going to work. Both editions have been amazing. Watching the sun rise from Brussel’s most historical locations, getting a quick yoga session, and eating a healthy breakfast are so restorative that people make sure not to miss this event.

The next one is taking place this Friday, September 29th at 7am. Tickets are available here, but thanks to Sampa Tea Company, Brussels Express will be giving away 2 tickets to the dance party and breakfast. All you gotta do is tag who you want to go with and share this post and we’ll pick a winner by Wednesday evening!