Cheaper parking and transport in Brussels

The City of Brussels has made parking fees cheaper.

How should public authorities decarbonize the urban areas of Brussels? Well, pressured by regional law, the city passed a new regulation that will make the price for parking fees and transport costs lower over the upcoming months.

Which changes are induced by such a measure? With regard to the parking plan, nothing will change until the new regional mapping enters into force.

The main points rather lie within tariffs and parking time. First of all, any drivers will have the opportunity to park for 9 hours, while they are only granted the right to do so for 3 hours today. For one hour, it will cost you 1 (1.5 today), and 2 for two hours (4 today).

Significant updates aimed at Brussels residents will also enter into force. Although the “carte riverain” will still cost 10 a year, the second one (in the same home) can be purchased for 50, while you should pay 100 a year for such card today. And a third subscription for the same home can be obtained under this new regulation.

Last but not least, merchants, freelancers, and hospital workers will pay just 200 a year for travel costs; almost represents half of what they pay today (375).

This new move towards making transport more affordable for the tourists and residents is seen as a move in the right direction, and is a string of recently introduced steps to lower emissions in the city of Brussels.