Coronavirus antibodies found in 26% of Brussels blood donors

Of the three regions of Belgium, Brussels currently has the highest number of blood donors having antibodies against SARS-CoV 2.

Researchers from Sciensano detected the presence of antibodies in 26 percent of blood donors from Brussels, 18 percent of donors from Wallonia, and 10 percent in Flanders.

Overall, 14.4 percent of blood donors in Belgium have developed a resistance to the deadly virus.

Sciensano made the discovery after analysing over 16,000 blood samples provided by the Red Cross.

According to the Red Cross, the antibodies lower the risk of infection but do not guarantee complete immunity from the disease.

Meanwhile, the average number of new coronavirus cases per day is still declining in Belgium. From December 20 to 26, it stood at 1,801.4 or 29 percent lower than the previous period.