Digital parking permits arrive in Ixelles

As of 1st January, the city of Ixelles implemented a new way to check your parking permits.

Ixelles-residents are no longer required to print a parking card and place it on their windshields. The officers in charge of monitoring need only to scan your licence plate to verify you.

Although this new system was only recently introduced, the Ixelles employees have comprehensively worked on it for more than a year. According to the Commune, your relevant personal data has already been collected and put in a regional database.

Should you aim to receive or renew your parking card, no need to go down to the dedicated office in Ixelles. You can go online and directly pay. You’ll then receive your proof of payment. One month before your card expires, the Ixelles authorities will send you an email as a quick reminder.

And for those whos still have a valid paper card you’ve no reason to be worried. Your current parking card is still available until it expires. For one year, the Ixelles officers will double check (online and on your car) your verification.