De Lijn to renovate Brussels-North bus stops

De Lijn has started infrastructure work on Tuesday morning at the Brussels-North station. The platforms on the North station will undergo a thorough renovation.A budget of 215,000 euros has been devoted for this project.

The renovations are taking place in order to make the area more more accessible and safer for both drivers and passengers.

The works should last about three months. This will cause some deviations for the regular bus lines.

During these works, buses that normally stop at platform 9 will stop at platform 8. Later platform 1 will also be affected.

Lines that stop at platform 9

  • Line 250 (Brussels – Londerzeel – Liezele – Puurs)
  • Line 251 (Brussels – Malderen)
  • Line 260 (Brussels – Puurs)
  • Line 460 (Brussels – Boom)
  • Line 461 (Brussels – Boom)

Moreover, the passage for pedestrians, via the platform towards Rogier, is temporarily not accessible. An alternative is provided along the site zone.