Discovering art books

September might be the time to experiment new activities. You are back from holidays, and you’re quite motivated not to spend your free time drinking some of the thousands of Belgian beers nor doing absolutely nothing on your sofa. Sport is definitely an option, but the Brussels weather can be dissuasive. Getting involved in arts is another option. While some arts are not accessible because it is either too expensive or too big, art books can be both affordable and practical.

If you fancy having an insight into art books and other sorts of arts whose the substrate lies within books or magazines, you can have a look at the WIELS Art Book Fair 2017 that will be held this weekend at WIELS Brussels. The third edition will gather about 50 artists, editors and collectors who can offer you some art books, photo books, magazines, periodicals etc.

It will however not be only about exhibiting and selling books: lectures and workshops will be held both on Saturday and Sunday, as well as “reading mini-marathon” on Saturday and a lecture show on Sunday. Some movies will also be displayed.